Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas Made in Montreal.


Quality wholesale corn tortilla in every single batch!

Tortillas come in three convenient sizes ready for all occasions.

"From our family's recipe to your table"

Back in Mexico, our family used to always gather for big family dinners on Sundays. As a tradition, we would always take the day before to prepare the Mexican food including traditional tortillas for our uncles, aunts, cousins and other relatives. When we moved to Montreal, we still wanted to perpetuate that tradition so we started our company.

Quality-driven motto

A 100%
gluten-free product.

Corn-based only

Gluten sensitive? We’ve got your back. Our tortillas are always made gluten-free, are both tasty & healthy, created with high-quality corn and packed to be delivered fresh! We know the tortilla is often the foundation to any good Mexican recipe and choosing the right one can often make a big difference in the final result. To choose with confidence, choose Mex-i corn tortillas.

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Become a strategic partner by offering a full range of fresh corn tortilla to your customers and stores.

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Increase your sales by offering a quality product that customers can find around the corner.

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Prepare your guests the best Mexican meals made with the best tortillas in Montreal.

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